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    rickkkyrich Guest
    ^But mentally Torturous !!!

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    hobs crk
    Quote Originally Posted by thehundredthone View Post
    And it would seem parents in China force their children to do all these things, turning everything else into a rat race too.

    I believe that's a propagandist view from the west (not really calling you a propagandist). I don't think China is the only place where children are forced to do things they don't want to. It's got, in my opinion, a lot to do with economics. In places where you have safety nets like social security, you can afford to take the risk of letting people "find themselves" and not having to think twice about it. When the alternative to failing at something is starvation, you do tend to try and minimize the possibility of failure at the expense of something else (perhaps time? other development?).

    Don't get me wrong. I agree with the concept of allowing kids to be kids and I am very fascinated by the line drawn between introducing an idea to someone versus pushing your idea onto your kid. I do believe, however, that not forcing things on your children requires a certain level of risk-taking within the person in the context of the third world with poor social security systems and high population and competition.

    I am not saying that forcing your children to practice (or study) for unreasonable (who decides?) periods is going to guarantee success yet it does increase the chance (and pacifies the parent).

    Personally, I'm for moderation and letting people do what they want to keeping in mind that they face the consequences of their own decisions. Will that attitude change when I'm a parent? I hope not but who can tell?
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    i would like to add something..we've all seen reality shows...based in India..and we all appreciate it..but not much thought is given to the fact that the little five year old kid probably would not be enjoying all the sheen and glamor over there but their parents do. that proves one point...gone are the times when indian parents still thought only about the studies of their they want him or her to be at par with the superstars.
    and opinion..i really think that it takes away the actual essence of childhood.
    what i mean to say is..that while the others...when they grow up would be thinking of mud and swings with happiness..these children would perhaps be cursing the mikes and cameras.

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    wonder how those tiny fingers have practiced did they passed that phase...they're so small...they must have missed the alphabets
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    Forcing children to be all-rounders is so far beyond reason it just leaves me shaking my head. Class 1 to class 10, fill the non-'study time' with "structured activities". Class 11 and 12, take away everything the child has had for the past ten years and make him/her study instead, for almost all those hours. And for what, just to keep up with the Sharmas.
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    i stopped playing guitar!!

    after closing this window i will start again!!
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