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    Thumbs up Suggestions for band!

    Hey guys!!
    Me and a couple of friends of mine recently formed a band!! And we all are very excited about the first performance.... but the problem is that this performance can have only hindi songs.... and we do not have distortion pads :(

    So could u people suggest some funky songs for our band... keeping in mind that we do not have distortion pads...

    Our band has:
    2 guitarists
    1 bass guitarist (me)
    1 drummer
    2 synth players
    2 singers

    Please please please tell me songs as soon as possible!!

    Thanx in advance!!

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    abu dhabi
    hmmmm....dus bahane hmm dnt knw any more
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    ok i can guide u since i play for our hindi band...don tell me u play in mumbia....copy hoga nahi to r some thth we play......

    1.sholay theme
    2.dum maru dum
    3.o sanam
    4.karz theme
    6.wo lamhe
    7.bulla ki
    8.kal ho na ho
    9.pehla nasha

    ther r many actually......but it depens on how the public is thth u r playin for.....

    if u r playing for a young peeps,the above songs and recent songs should be used with little old....

    but if the peeps r oldies,then play 80% old songs.....else it wont take long to see urself play for the empty seats....hehe.....depens on public type.....
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    we r students and are going to perform in front of students....

    and ......we r in mumbai!!

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