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    Gn'rlies is offline Beginner
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    Aug 2004

    straight from the snakepit ...

    hey guys ... here's the link to my review of the velvet revolver concert ( more an ode to slash) ... my camera got caught ..but some friends managed theirs ... will post pics as soon as i get nee ...

    needles to say ... IT ROCKED ... slash is just AWESOME ....

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    Jun 2004
    Cool. You r one lucky guy. We don't have the oppurtunity to do that here. I got contraband. It rocks.
    Overwhelmed as one would be, placed in my position
    Such a heavy burden now to be the one
    Born to bear and read you all the details of our ending
    To write it down for all the world to see
    But I forgot my pen, Shit the bed again...



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