Ssslayer and Cypher were indeed nice guys. I dont think even Neo would confront that. The point is they were spamming which wasn't desirable. All of us do spam here and there but I guess the case with the two guys went a bit out of hand. Neo has every right to admit or let anybody join here. Dont expect him to put a board "Rights Of Admission Reserved". In a moderated forum this should be understood.

@Vishwa. Please do not start a trade union kind of thing or a Poll for it. You are only going to make things worse. If things calm down and if Ssslayer and Cypher feel that they wont repeat what Neo had pointed out, then I guess they can talk to Neo about getting back here. To let them in again is not any of our decision. If the two can talk to Neo later and convince him I am sure that they will let inside. I talked to Ssslayer and Cpyher and both of them do feel bad about not able to be here. So please dont do any kind of protest and add fuel to the fire. I am sure this ban had nothing to do with any kind of personal grudge or anything.

This was just my views. I dont want this to go on as an arguement. You this thread could be closed but be available for viewing purposes only.