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    I would add rui costa too.. Totti is ok not that good..
    The Lord Giveth, And The Lord Taketh Away!!!

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    i agree with Gnrlies... the same names come up all the time...
    But then theres no scope for new talent coz these ppl r really the buzz at the moment..
    U juz have no chance excluding these talents.. .
    Juz yest in a match of barcelona.. i hope u ppl saw it.. the goal frm deco was amazing .. i mean these ppl alwaz r the apple in the eye of the game and u juz have no space right now for new talents.. until and unless the new talent has to over shadow these players.. BUt then beckham's recent int the news for all the bad reasons.. he aint doin much and even the team not beniffiting frm it..
    BUt then arsenal r juz not laying themselves down.. gosh they juz cnat b defeated.. wat a team.. For the time being Henry rules man!! Wat say ppl

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    Hey...deco and Ronaldo certainly qualify as new talents...I mean its hardly been an year or two since they became famous...add Ronaldinhio,Kaka,arjen robben,...etc to that list..these guys have come up in the last 2 there is new talent........
    Yeah and Henry is the King!!Arsenal's play these days???


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