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    doest it really matter????

    smthng funny tht u witnessd

    Ther r few thngs in life that always mk u laf...this thread is to share sm of them....

    my turn first ...
    While we(the whole batch of new joinees) were in training....we were suppose to gv some sort of presentation....evry one ws tensed & nervous...cos ther ws a huge crowd to see the presentation, our trainer & the assessor were ther too....
    so whenevr sm1 ws approaching that small platform to gv the presentation we all used to say to cheer the person up..."chak-de-phatte"...& ther ws this gal...extremly extremly nervous...who whn went on to that platform said,'f.uck-de-chatte' oooooooops evry1 lafd like hell...each n evry person in the room....

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    hmm...long back on vashi station...there was this small sardar kid who ws trying his hands on one of those weighing machines.....unfortunately his hands could not reach the slot where ur supposed to put the there came his father the elder sardar and he said "oye..laa mai teri help kar deta hoon"...

    he then piked up his kid and lifted him all the way so that he could reach the slot...and the kid insrted the coin...and neither of the two sardars realised that if you want to measure the weight you are supposed to be standing on the platform and not lifted in the air......LMAO
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