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    should we crucify...

    chappal the firang???????

    here in an interview he gave to the khallej times, our visionary coach has blamed the heat in mumbai as the biggest reason for our loss !!

    maybe england was fielding in cold mandhester while we were fielding in sultry mumbai.
    or maybe the technologically advanced english team had inbuilt air condioners implanted in their bodies.

    i know what happened - the heat in mumbai was so much that it got to chappal's head and so now he is talking horseshit (not that he spoke a lot of sense b4 mumbai either).

    man... this under arm bowler seems to have only one dream and vision in mind - to ensure that australia retain the 2007 world cup by doing his bit (ie. screwing one of australia's main challengers, the indian team).

    we couldnt kick out the english... can we not at least kick this firang secret agent out.
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    This is getting lame. Get over cricket and redundant threads. We've already said all we wanted to.
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    Cricket Cricket Cricket ................ its sooo BORING!
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    @jamhead, c'mon dude, you've made your point, we're getting sick of this. Thread closed.
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