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    Sawariyan: DO you think Guitar in SAWARIYAN song's stanza sounds good?

    Hi, friends...i want your input on this....u must have heard Sawariyan Sawariyan song these its stanza there is sudden change of scale after line (palko ke shamiyane me......)- A to A# i guess....for me its sound terrible... coz either the singer is not able to pick it correct(for this u have to listen very carefully, as his singing is kind of monotous for me) or something is wrong with the change.....although rest of the song is great for me...i dnt know why this is done by composer?

    i want ur view on it...for me its not done!!!!

    may be its good for u like most of us...

    n in last i must say i enjoyed these kind of changes like in stanza of Alvida from metro..but this time its not good u think so?

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    Personally didn't find anything wrong with the change. It sounds perfectly OK. Although, maybe the reason you find it odd is because it suddenly changes from A to Bb. If there was a transition from A - F7 - Bb, it probably wouldn't have sounded 'odd' as you put it.

    However, the singer picks up the Bb chord absolutely fine... Nothing wrong with it either. With the kind of pitch-correction techniques available in modern recording studios, I doubt if an accomplished composer would let an off-key note into his song.

    For me the song is quite good - could have been better, but no complaints.
    You don't need long fingers to be a great solo piano player!

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    Thumbs up saanwariya chords 4 stanza

    dear try this..............
    A ...................F#m
    palkon k shamiyane mai
    khabon k har thikane mai
    teri hi parchiyan hai
    teri khamosh pehli najar ka deevana bna



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