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    Jan 2006
    I saw him play the sweet child o mine lead once in a filmfare, it was so easily noticable that he was just guitar libbing it [....from adlib]..... nothing against his talents, he may be knowing to play the guitar quite well but that was just a pose for the cameras......
    Ad libbing is an offence alright but guitar libbing is an outright crime.....
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    Jun 2004
    i saw one of his performances on TV . i thought he was just making actions and making a fool of the public.

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    shifted from paradise city to Axe Land:D
    ^^^ i asked sonam sherpa abt saif, he told me he sucked, and so did his guitar.
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    Saif = Fake Guitarist

    n He sucked in the video..that wasn't him who was playing that, That was a track n he was just trying to act like he was playing AS HE IS A ACTOR ..


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