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    lord_neo Guest

    Exclamation Reservations in the private sector - What are views?

    NEW DELHI: In a significant departure from its oft-repeated stance that implemention of quotas in private sector should be "voluntary," the UPA government is considering enacting a law to extend job reservations to the non-government sector.

    Sources say government, which had so far maintained that it would leave it to the private sector to consider introducing job reservations, is now bringing both an amendment to the Constitution, as well as enacting a new law for the purpose.

    Law ministry has already brushed aside the view of attorney-general Milon Banerjee that there’s no room in the Constitution for getting the private sector to implement quotas.

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    I think the government better STOP expressing it's views on Secualrism! Because, I think having 'reserved' quotas in jobs, college seats, and I dunno where else...based on the CREED of a person is ANYTHING but secular
    Bloody hypocrites!
    These idiots are raping the country of human values! When the hell are we finally going to stop mentioning our caste and religion on forms?
    India has yet not attained it's freedom...
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    well if they are going to do it, they must find a way in which to ensure that output levels dont go down.... cos if that happens, then companies will shy away from india.
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    These corrupt guys will do any bloody thing to ensure there votebank........
    Public sector jobs oppurtunities have almost ceased from upper classes for our generation....
    By the time next generation comes to earning age ..private sector jobs will be gone too in the hands of corrupted systemmmmm .........



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