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Thread: R U Psychic?

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    Well vini, not exactly HR but yes we do deal with workforce i.e members of organisation on diff level.

    diff level has diff motivational factor and our work is to keep them interested in the business with process improvement and inovation/automation
    we also forecast/predict number of associates required every year/every month so that same requisition can be sent to HR for recruitment.

    Since WFM is part of BPO too we also forecast/predict volumes of business that we may get every year/every month/every day,every hour and offcourse no of associates required for same.

    hmmmm sounds boring.......

    Quote Originally Posted by vini

    whats "work force management"...a new term for HR?
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    Quote Originally Posted by slashboyin
    happened a few time with me. and sometimes i feel a situation i am in has already taken place before.
    Dats called da "Deja wu" sensation not "phantasmagoria"

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    i saw clouds in the sky ,i got a feeling it would rain.................and it did.
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    i think ur talking abt deja vu, phantasmagoria is different.


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