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View Poll Results: Cheating in exams ....what do u think?

19. You may not vote on this poll
  • I despise all kinds of cheating

    5 26.32%
  • I won't ask others but i don't mind telling answers to others

    5 26.32%
  • I don't mind if others do it as long as I don't get into trouble

    4 21.05%
  • How do u think I've got where I am now?....

    2 10.53%
  • Only if you get away with it!

    3 15.79%
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    dharmatma is offline Banned
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    Nov 2004
    i once failed my exam...and my cousin sister..gave me this advice..
    its better to cheat than to repeat.

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    bob-bobby's Avatar
    bob-bobby is offline Extinct or Banned!
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    Mar 2004
    lagos, nigeria, west africa
    ha ha ha jayswami .... nice ones ...

    coming back to topic , even i am totally against cheating , its not cheating someone else but cheating urself ...

    well cheating is just an excuse to move out from a trouble easily , and most of the time people do it cos they are either lazy or not at all confident abt themself ..

    i totally agree with jay that this is the core reason of corruption and mis management in our country , ..

    i think we can start a thread discussing abt Problems in India ...
    Moderator - IGT .
    ( Still a Sweetheart ) ...

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    d_ist_urb_ed's Avatar
    d_ist_urb_ed is offline Genuflect b*tches!
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    Oct 2004
    Near Philly, Undisclosed location
    ^That'll go for even longer than the Word Association thread or the Very First Now Playing thread bobby, there's no end to problems.
    "While the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth."

    robotpajamas: since Im going to be giving the CAT this year
    d_ist_urb_ed: To whom?
    robotpajamas: Taking
    robotpajamas: f*ck you
    d_ist_urb_ed: =))

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    axlrose250's Avatar
    axlrose250 is offline Tabber
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    Jul 2004
    wat i never understood is the concept of exam papers. i mean u study from a book the whole year and at the end they expect u 2 know 3/4 of the book so u can do an exam without it. and its worse for chemistry and things, hve u seen the size of the book, no wonder half the students just learn it by heart and never understand it.

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    jayswami's Avatar
    jayswami is offline Blue J
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    Nov 2004
    i never crammed organic chemistry.. i got 99/100 CBSE 12th exams in chemisty in 1992. Organic chmesitry is like math.. very logical but then maybe i had a good science teacher.. actually I did. the only regret i have is the way they taught me history in india.. like its all about dates when u learn histrory in school.. in reality that aint the case.. i do so much research on world history online.. its so facinating.. WW2 and stuff like that. even indian history and ancient civilizations etc.. history channel and discovery are my favorite channels.. i would probably major in history if i go to school again now... when i studied in india history was my least favorite subject.. cause the teacher just went thru her motions.. reading text books.. and kids used to just memorize dats and stuff. first battle of panipat was blah.. dandi marach was blah etc. the teacher never explained to us once.. that whay was dandi march such a big deal... that it created so much publicity.. reporters from USA covered it.. and it put indias freedom struggle in the front pages.. amazing PR stunt by gandhi.. my teacher never explained that to me... teachers are also not current in thier knowledge in middle and high schools unfortunately. that breeds the culture of memorizing. the teachers themselves do not know beyong the text books.. which arent updated evry year so do not stay current. I also do not believe in a centralized exam system. high schools should be autonomous.. and audited frequently to maintain high standards.. but for that u need a corruption free society.. damn chicken and egg situation.. aaaaaah


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