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Thread: please!

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    Damn white Dudes Getting on Ma Nerves ..

    This could potentially hurt someone once taken the wrong matter whichever way he might have meant it. Racism is as bad as being religiously intolerant. I initially thought of raising a hue and cry about this but it would just have been cutting off my nose to spite my face.
    Okay Dude .. i guess this should be Enough, The Place am from am sure i know the meaning of Racism and religiously intolerant stuff .. i'v been a Victim not only once or Twice .. thats not the point here .The only thing i understand .Is that ur good at changing topics buddy.

    The wonderful thing about me is I've never taken the internet seriously so I don't get upset by anything written on it.
    Amazing .. guess what .. I AM NOT and I like to have it removed as its clear what religion you all are talking about a Member of this Forum Too .. and i have equal rights .. i guess we should leave this topic for good b4 something or someone else stands up with there bright ideas which i know will be thrown again after reading this post.
    "Brown Jesus"

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    Thread Closed!


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