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    Angry Plan makers stole my song

    Filmmaker Sanjay Gupta continues to be dogged by controversies. After Priyanka Chopra alleging that she wasnít paid in time for Plan , world music producer Cheb-i-Sabbah has filed a copyright infringement in the Federal Court of Los Angeles against the filmmakers. The charge is that Sabbahís classic Kese Kese, from his best selling album Shri Durga (1999), has been used in the film without his consent.

    "The soundtrack released in the US recently and thatís when my client, Cheb-i-Sabbah, realised that the track Kese Kese on the album was similar to his song Kese Kese ," says entertainment attroney Anthony Kornarens. Cheb-i-Sabbah is seeking a court order stopping distribution of the film and its soundtrack. Early this year, Kornarens helped Bappi Lahiri win the famous infringement case against hip hop artist Dr Dre.

    Neither Gupta or composer Anand Raj Anand has confirmed information about suit. "This is ridiculous. I donít think such a flimsy charge would hold in any court of law," says Gupta. Anand adds, " Kese Kese is a folk song. Itís no oneís property."

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    Another, Anu Malik in the making i presume.



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