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    Nov 2004
    best of luck guitarist from muratius, dhoon master etc etc

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    Oct 2004
    bye dude. sure will miss ya
    wHeN u TaLk MoRe SeNsIbLy ThAn OtHeRs ThEy CaLL u A fOoL...

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    Dec 2004
    acorn guts
    right!!.... didnt wanted to start another thread... so i thought i will post this in gofm's thread
    i ma off guys .....was great being on IGT .. although i will check back ever so often,
    it was great being here ... wanna thnx
    bobby(keep postin, u r one of the best), tejas(ACE, dont have words, will miss ya), dist(ur the man and u know that ... keep rockin will miss ya), leo (of course.. bow!), dennis (one of ma pals), jayswami (loved your humour), subhro(great sense of humour, great guy), scary(ESP rulz), dharmatma (u a girl or a boy? kiddin ... bye mate), harini (hehe ... guess u need to find another prince omar now), bandbaja (i respect u man!...ur gr8), rockin away( bye mate but see ya at the "other place"). begirlie(happy birthday!! .. sorry i am leaving a bit early.. but wish u the best!!.. cuz u r the best!!!), deathdr (had great time with ya at the hardware section..keep rockin), drsaurabh (keep the good stuff comin ... i alwasy enjoyed your posts), big_evil (lol ... bye man, will miss yur silly posts), 6thstring (oh yea!!! keep rocking), dmf (keep putting sense into the others), luthier (keep up the good work), jazz (keep spamming ...kiddin), rabi (my words cant do justice,u are ACE), zoomingrocket( thnx for everything), naadish (keep rockin dude and keep paki head high), fr (jsut leave one girl for me plz! ... heheh ... rock on mate, will miss ya), ASMO(will keep in touch at msn), jamhead (get a life, and stop making a fool of yourself, neva liked ya at all), rizaaj (keep rockin mate, will miss ya)
    everybody else.... you were great sorry if i forgot to mention your name
    so thats it!!
    but i will be back .................................................. ......................
    until then keeeeeep rockkkin IGT!! .. God bless ya all ..


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