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    Unhappy people must stop misusing Jayswamis mp3s : mods & admin take a note plz


    whoevr's messing with Jayswami's mp3 files.. i think its time u stopped doin it..
    Jay had 2 remove all his mp3 links coz some1's usin his mp3's 2 make money..

    i know its not my business.. but his mp3's r a gr8 help 2 correlate with his chord patterns 4 a song.. and besides he's a nice guy & of gr8 help 2 just nybody who's a membr of igt..
    and u know. if nybdy wans the perfct chords.. who u shud be lookin out 4.. so stop this mess.

    i think the mods & admin shud look in2 this mattr as well..

    bye tk cre..

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    Jayswami MP3's arent located on our servers to be monitored...

    All his MP3 links were put up by him at his own will in his own webspace...
    So its his botheration to monitor those MP3s...

    We are not liable for any misuse...or other stuff...

    xcttn Ld t Сntmnt

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