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    Quote Originally Posted by shak
    waleed .. as for walcott i think it was just another one of sven's 'intelligent' moves that resulted in a great fiasco and a painful groan as usual.. this is how i take it ..
    rooney was out .. everyone knew rooney was a big psychological threat if nothin else (and indeed nothin else as he just proved this) and the other teams who take everything said by tabloids for granted took rooney seriously (as our tabys made such a fuss over him) .. so to keep the morale high . .sven created this new 'threat' called walcott .. so the tabloids would have something to cream on and the foriegn teams would buckle under thinking 'sven's got a backup secret weapon .. WALCOTT!!' .. so walcott was just there to fill the rooney's place .. until the over grown carrot would get well and kick england out of the worldcup ....
    so in short .. walcott=decoy ... to fool other teams .. walcott=mom's washing line ... on which fans could hang their hopes upon .... walcott=red herring ... he wasnt meant to play anyway .. it was just arsenal's guy in sven's team who was a smooth talker and gave theo some limelight so when he fails to perform in arsenal atleast he would get some commercials .. oh and yeah .. theo has a pretty girl .. that would get 'the sun' somethign to cream over ..
    Your spot on, as ever, with your analysis.
    Truth needs no censorship

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    was quite busy these dayz n Finally, finally... after quite sometime i have got some time to write a post ( though have managed to watch all Da Matches )

    i have been supportin!!!!! only 2 teams from da start! Netherlands n France!

    n since da loss of Nethrlands ( who instead of domanatin most of da match n possesion couldnt score . though i think had VAn Nestelrooy played that mach instead of Kuyt that match , i believe it would have been a diffrent story ), i have been hopin 4 FRANCE to win!

    they dint, play first 2 matches well! but It was in the second half against Togo really when they struck back thier form! n started playing like the champions they ARE , n from then on everyone knows what HAPPND!!

    i always thought france had a pretty good chance of winnin da cup!! coz they have toomuch quality in thier side , n it was only a quetion of findin thier touch BAK!!

    n the way Zidane has managed to roll bak the years is just amazing!!

    Hes a legend! n still best in da world!! hes a magician with ball!!!

    N Riberry has been excellent too!!

    Though only concern for me is ERRATIC BARTHEZ (n he nearly lost it for french with his Bizzare save aginst Ronaldo freekick which Figo almost headed in )

    Though u gotta feel for the English side as they lost on Penalties ! YET AAGAIN! ( n lost to Big PHIL yet AGAIN!!!!! )

    n for the German side! n supporters (who were hopin thier team to reach final )

    n THOugh eveeyone's talkin bout Final! THe match for 3rd Position b/w Por n Ger is gonna be a cracker of a match too!!(though not that significant ) but i am lookin FWD too it too!

    And comin BAK to THE FINAL!!!!!! -- THE WORLD CUP FINAL......l

    AZZURIS r lukin quite strong too n have conceded only one goal (that too an own goal ) through out the competition!!!!

    Its gonna be a tough match!!

    but I am rootin for FRANCE to win this one!!!!!! n have a feeling They might just do it!!

    ZIZOU !!!!! ZIZOUUU!!!!!!!!

    N i will end it as Alpha1 says

    "VIva la resistance!!!!!!! "

    Go FRANCE!!!!!!!!

    "Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza."

    "24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence? I think not."

    "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."


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