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    lord_neo Guest

    Now a drink that burns calories!

    Coca-Cola is planning to launch Enviga, a soda that is said to burn 50 to 100 calories just by drinking a 12-oz. serving, next year, per one executive.

    Enviga, a green tea-based, caffeinated, carbonated drink, is in clinical testing and is said to speed up the user's metabolism. The beverage will target active lifestyle consumers. A Coke rep said, "Some [of our projects] may find their way to market and some may not." Studies have shown that drinking green tea may promote weight loss by stimulating the body to burn calories.

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    vini is offline Repeat Offender
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    cool...when are they launching this in India??? now that is the only thing which matters to me. ..but im somehow cynical about the efficacy of this drink

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    lord_neo Guest
    Well its just going to be launched in the U.S, i guess 3-4 yrs to reach India :(

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    JAZZ's Avatar
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    so drink Mountain Dew ...till it reaches ur place....

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    dlogic's Avatar
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    awesome..........i guess no need for excersice then
    i cant wait to have an image signature..........

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    yeah thats the same for me!but where do you get all these unusual articles from?!!

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    bob-bobby's Avatar
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    lagos, nigeria, west africa
    i wonder which spirit will go with it , whats the flavor of the drink ?
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    aleric is offline Guitarist
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    Dec 2004
    LOL @ bobby !

    When will they come up with pure alcoholic calorie burning drink



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