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    Quote Originally Posted by jamhead
    and you are an *******.

    in college, he was part of the young bengal movement, which regularly used to terrorise the british, both verbally and with bombs and was rustricated from presidency college. then he joined scottish church college (controlled by the scots, who ofcourse had no problems admitting someone who was anti english). after graduation, he was one of the toppers of the ias exams. then he quit because he didnt want to take orders from the poms. how many indians have done that??

    he then joined politics and was the youngest president of the indian national congress and became president for a second time despite's gandhi's opposition (funnily gandhi had no problem with indians going to europe and north africa to die fighting in a war that wasnt theirs to fight, but had a lot of ahimsha hogwash to spew when it came to indians fighting for their own freedom). gandhi went on one of his begger like hunger strike and netaji was ultimately forced to take pity and give up his post.

    the only two people, repeat the ONLY two, who drove fear in the minds of the english were, in chronological order, sarvarkar and then netaji.

    seriously where the hell do you learn your history?? i strongly suggest you read up a bit or two about him, Rajan Borra's (an INA veteran) article (google "rajan borra netaji") is a good start.
    You didnt answer my question.
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    what was your question??
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