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    anonymusneo is offline Newbie
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    Apr 2009

    need information for Rock event in delhi 2011

    hi IGT

    Can someone please tell me , when is rock festival being held in delhi . i not sure but i think its in feb . i am unsure of date

    please tell me the date and how and where to buy the tickets :D


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    rickkkyrich Guest
    These are the gigs to be held in Delhi:
    15 Tue February 2011
    Bryan Adams at NSIC Stadium

    17 Thu February 2011
    AC/DC triute at Hard Rock Cafe, Delhi

    18 Fri February 2011
    Shaa'ir + Func at Zook
    Space With Friends at The Living Room Cafe

    19 Sat February 2011
    Desi Disco, 2nd Peg! at The Living Room Cafe



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