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    Question need help on guitar effects pedal

    hi ,

    recently i bought boss ds-1 , digitect badmonkey and boss DD3 pedeals, all were working fine. the after few hours batery ran out :D

    so i ran to a nearby shop and bought a 9v battery for 20 bucks and i put that in my pedal, but that battery is not powerful ebough to power the pedal. may i know y, do i need to buy alkaline 9v battery to power up ?? or normal 9v battery should work??
    plz help me out if battery wont work
    then i have to gofor boss pedal board that is costing around 12k here in chennai as per the shopkeeper of a well known shop

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    Any 9 volt battery will do.
    What was the battery that was put originally (which ran down).
    and what was the new battery that you got?
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