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    Feb 2005

    Lightbulb Is it necessary to learn Music???

    Hi! I was wondering...there are many bands coming out in Pakistan and many are.........amazingly cruddy! Alot of musicians before creating bands learn how to read and write music....So share ur views on whether learning music is a necessity in order to play..

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    Quadrophenia's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
    not everyone is born jimi hendrix. ppl haveta learn they're learning that the hard way!! if u're talking about 'reading' notes or music on its own..then i dont think it is necessary to be able to read it...i think its more of a personal preference. but it is handy since standard notation as the name suggests can be useful in learning other instruments to.

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    Jun 2004
    I personally hate learning theory and don't ever intend to learn it. It's boring as sh!t.
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    New Delhi, India
    Well, it is necessary to learn some 'basic' theory before you start playing an instrument.
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    i believe u shud learn atleast 1 music instrument in ur kill boredom and frustration....who knows u might start a band and becom hit......



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