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    Quote Originally Posted by rocking_devil
    whhhhaaaaaaa?! hmmmm......then i must re think my position! if thats the case who knnows even cryptic angel might be a guy!

    WE NEED PROOF!!!!!!

    whys d subject of this topic diverting topic quuiet??jamhead gotta split personality issue?
    "A banker will take a guitar and play three notes on it. A rock star will take a guitar and throw it across the room."

    I've been places with my face you wouldn't go to with a pistol."

    --David Lee Roth

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    the real reason -

    Quote Originally Posted by amit82cse
    Nehru chose the present national anthem as opposed to Vande Mataram because
    he thought that it would be easier for the band to play!!! It was an absurd
    reason but Today for that matter bands have advanced and they can very well
    play any music. So they can as well play Vande Mataram, which is a far
    better composition in praise of our dear Motherland India.

    It (Anandamath)wasn't necessarily the best of Bankim Chandra's works, though still great in its own right. Yet because of its astonishing political
    consequences, with no other of his works is Bankim so closely

    The Anandamath story is set in 18th century India, when a group of
    warrior sannyasis mounted a guerilla war against Muslim rule (based
    on a true historical attempt by sannyasis to do precisely this). It
    was a riveting story line with amazing characters and meaningful
    dialogues. Yet more importantly, hundreds of thousands of Indians
    (primarily Hindus) took the story as a metaphor for their own present
    day situation, understanding it as a call to arms to drive the new
    tyrants (the British) away from the sacred soil. Indeed, the main
    revolutionary group in Bengal chose its name as that of the sannyasin
    group from Anandamath. The most important and widely known section of
    this book was the poem "Vande Mataram" which means "Hail to the Mother
    (land)". The song became the battle cry for India's freedom struggle.
    It was set to become India's National Anthem, but was rejected
    because a section of Muslims considered the song as idolatrous due to
    its metaphor comparing India to the tiger-borne Goddess Durga "with
    instruments of punishment in each of her ten hands". To placate the
    Muslims (and Jawahalal Nehru) the constituent assembly rejected it as
    the National Anthem. Incidentally, Rabindranath Tagore, the great
    poet whose "Jana Gana" eventually became India's National Anthem had
    stated on several occasions that he desired very much that Bankim
    Chandra's "Vande Mataram" should become the National Anthem of free
    India. For example, in 1928, he said in an interview with Mulk Raj
    Ananda "I share his ideas of inheriting the past - if made relevant
    for the present! Bankim Chandra is our master in this respect. In our
    school here, students sing "Bande Mataram" every morning.....I hope
    it becomes the national anthem of free India!"
    "Take my hand, my child of love
    Come step inside my tears
    Swim the magic ocean,
    I've been crying all these years"

    "I liked the world where i used to live
    I never really wanted to live"

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    new delhi...india
    i believe whatz written in wikipedia....
    rabindranath tagore was a GREAT PATRIOT!!!....he wouldent write a poem praising the brits!!
    use ur head!!!
    sometimes, majority means that all the fools are on one side....

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    Jamhead I guess A football fan..
    That a girl cant be..
    so he's a guy..


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