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    Nov 2005
    hey knight_ki_gf (waise meri hoti to zyada maza ata) .sensational. kya dekha re knight me? kitne sare aur bhi bhi hain yahan.(like me). ok ill cut short the flirting.
    in between ".oh lord .oh dear dear lord. i hope iam not flirting with a suspision"
    ok back to the topic
    first question: "Now why cant the guy stop when he knows what he is doing is not what he is supposed to do?
    And to top it all... he doesnt even want to do it himself?
    How Ironic !!"
    answer :there is nothing ironic about it. the guy is doing exactly what he is meant to do . in short --> human nature is such that the feeling of uncertainity literally kills you the best defence human psyche uses is ESCAPISM .the thought of loosing is much more scary than the loss itself so the man here is actually following the most logical path he escaping. and this is not only true for males ,females have the same problem.

    question : Why does he want the female to stop her and beg for him to stay?
    answer : well in this instance. the logic could be. --> we all try to find thoughts that are comforting when ever we are in a lot of stress or anxiety. so does our subconscious .in this case the hope is the comforting factor and unknowingly we gamble, betting on that hope and ofcourse partly escaping.( no body needs any body to beg )

    question: Why do men need women to tell them that we need from them? Or tell them what they are supposed to be doing?
    answer : lol. the same way as females need to be reminded everyday how much one loves them.

    question: Are they afraid to express their feelings? Or is it their ego?
    answer: yup you got that right a mix of both. but not all men are like that i was flirting pretty confidently upthere wasnt i.

    question: They would rather be left all alone... than to express their feelings?
    answer: no idea.

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    Knight_Ki_gf.....WHY r u SOO interested in us men...???
    who cares what we think...or are afraid or not... _|_ < very high mountain...climb it n sit on it n have some piece that is...ehehe
    !~**~!Death is Freedom!~**~!
    !<~**~>!and i am free!<~**~>!


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