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    Talking Mba or a 12K job ??? suggest...

    heres the situation...

    im doin my final year civil enginnereing and i have been selected in an mnc called HR JOHNSON..they offer 12k per month ..have no contracts...but im now confused as to whter i should take the job or should i do MBA this yr and then go for job a year later???

    wht do u think ?? is WORK EXPERIENCE better or MBA education first is better???

    suggest me ....
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    where u plannin to do ur mba frm?
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    Hi abhi - not to discourage you.. but I have seen MBA guys working for less than 10K. Some Diploma guys with 3 years experience get more than 25K.

    However you can survive in both ways, skill set matters.
    MBA will support you when you get ur promotions. Everyone will suggest you to do a MBA, but still you can achieve same heights with your Engineering Degree + efforts. I dont know the scope of Civil in the market, I spoke in general.

    Do your MBA man!!
    And the institute matters..

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    hi abhi ......once you start ur earning wont easily get out of it to upgrade ur qualification...and a stage definitely comes up when ur carrier graph looks stagnant (u require PG) unless and untill u r not in acute shortage of funds dont just give up a chance to add more qualification...
    just take up any decent college even one from mumbai university will fetch you a 25k job after mba...dont worry...ask ur parents first ...if they r ready to bear ...just go for it .....

    Adab aarz hain....


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    I wud recommend the job, as experience matters most..
    A years experience and then MBA would be the perfect receipe for you!

    Out here in Symbiosis.. MBA students require prior working experience..before they apply...
    So i would definitely go for an years experience first...
    When u go for MBA with experience...then you earn those industry quoted high-packages like 12lak p/a and above...

    But yeah.. you should be confident about yourself that..after a year's would get back to books sincerely and study

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    there is nothin wrong with asking your mates for an opinion .. but be sure to do what YOU want ....
    as for my opinion .. well i am not very familiar to how things are back there .. but here in uk .. job experience is given a great importance .. most of the unis now offer sandwich courses where you study for 2 years then go for a work placement for 1 year .. after that back to studies for one year and you go out with an year's experience under your belt ..

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    Where do you plan to do your MBA from?
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    depends on what kind of institute you are joining for doing MBA. if its good institute has got excellent campus record then go for MBA, else go for job. after 2-3 yrs of experience you should try doing MBA from good institute. institute repo should be given xtra consideration.
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    Gain the experience first. MBA without work experience is meaningless theory.
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    hmmm i am not really the right person for such a question

    but i think one year (not more not less)work to gain experience then doing ur mba will b a better option as work experience do matters in todays professional world

    but as shak said the answer really is what u want.....

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    After haveing completed my MBA, I can safely say that from a learning perspective, having work experience is excellent (I found this out the hard way). Not only do you relate to classroom situations better, the work you have done gives you the discipline to work harder and to quit goofing off and get out of the college mode.
    However, from an earning perspective, unless you have relevent work experience of more than 2 years, most pre-MBA experience is worthless (ie run-of-the mill IT experience will not get you a higher salary in most places). If you work for a year or whatever, you will usually not get picked up at higher salaries compared to a fresher.

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    I want to ask you one question Abhi... see you have done 4 yrs civil engg...and u want to do MBA.. then what is the implementation of ur degree? u gonna get ur job on ur MBA degree and not 4 ur engg degree! and u can do MBA after doing any 3 yrs course.any graduation I u r wasting 1 yr my suggestion is utilize what u hv learn in ur engg(most of us don't learn anything though..) and then go get ur MBA ...after all getting 12k at the begining of ur career is not so bad..(and if it is ur departmental job..)

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    follow ur dream....even a job of 8k is good enough as long as you re enjoying it...if you want to pursue management then only go for MBA...dont do tht part time MBA + few certifications + good job at IT...u might be independent but it offers no personal growth
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    If I were in your place today I'd rather keep some serious time for mba -- (perhaps to my interest.. not mba but something like Mtech/MS/GRE etc.) so as to enhance career options -- once you're out to work it is mostly not easy to pursue regular education along. -- regular education is by and far a one-stretch affair and u have to decide how long to study. Also keep in mind that companies donot prefer gaps between work experiences! Getting into work now will be fine ..but in the long run, having worked almost 4 years in the the industry I'd say that you'd get more options to choose with some higher education (than with BE in civil)

    So my suggestion would be to do some more studies and get into a good mba or something ...And once you're into it ... get ur guitar .. plug it to the amps and ...keep -- and also while u're into studies ...get more students to ur guitar classes ... --wat say?
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