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    I can also not like the way the man did... bt in some good style...i.e. before dying write a note like this-"I am dying because of my selfless indulgence in so and so forums...So i want the police to stop those forum sites at once" hehehe..*kidding*

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    Red face

    GOSH!!! If the news was true, then the man must really be mad!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asmodeus

    Hmm... Jamhead... be warned... be seriously warned.

    i'd solved the problem long back....not quite
    but still... my desk is big enough to accomodate the occational plate of grub and a few cups of tea/coffee/fruit juice.

    and besides i am a member of only 4 forums...
    "Take my hand, my child of love
    Come step inside my tears
    Swim the magic ocean,
    I've been crying all these years"

    "I liked the world where i used to live
    I never really wanted to live"


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