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View Poll Results: Should prostitution be legalised in India?

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  • Yes

    20 74.07%
  • No

    7 25.93%
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    Quote Originally Posted by beginner_lavina
    so there are good people here on IGT unline those people who voted 4 a 'yes'
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    Quote Originally Posted by beginner_lavina
    am i the only 1 whos decent here?

    is that some kind of joke>????

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    tht lavina wala post shud hav been in the bluff master thread
    "It is significant that whenever the public mind is to be diverted from great social wrong, a crusade is inaugurated against indecency." - Emma Goldman

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    Thank you.

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    ...................................जय हिन्द........................................ ....

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    all the "decent people"

    wake up!

    this infact reminds of of those "samaj ke thekedars" who are the first ones to curse a female who has been raped but dont say even a word to the rapist ...

    awright i say legalize prostitution so taht governement has a control over it ...
    and it becomes a litlle more transparent

    and hey if u wanna give the examples of smoking n liquor then u mean smoking n liquor should also be made illegal???
    well they corrupt the youth <--- that is my argument of banning them

    letting prostituion illegal means trying to overlook, or rather hide-n-ignore, one dark aspect of our society ...
    and also all the allied "illegal" activities that go hand in hand with it ...

    a related question which mught seem a little offtrack: what do u guys say about Voluntary Disclosure scheme which was launched by Income Tax Department?

    ppl may say that it is stupid measure and that govt is encouraging ppl to make balck money n blah blah ... yada yada ...

    but tthe truth is ... u cannot stop ppl really in India from making Black money, there are way too many issues involved ... why ignore it ... tilll the time u make a better mechanism or ssytem atleast accept the fact that there exist a sizeable amount of BLack money
    and let the "black money" convert to white by simple acts like the VDIS scheme ...

    and in the end it benefited the govt too ...

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    indian born in in U.S.A.
    ^^^^^i totally agree jekyll....
    there is so much injustice...and hypocrits...people who dont practice what they preach...I dont feel prostitution is a good thing...yet some women willfully make that choice as a means of survival...or are given the prostitute title by societal misunderstanding...i personally think there are better ways to earn money for survival...i think it should be illegal BUT...i feel that instead of police punishing prostitutes...they should instead guide them in a safer direction as to how to earn a living....they shouldnt be punished for doing what their circumstances/society/whatever influenced them to do...they should be guided and offered a means of starting on a new foot....

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    Raaaaaar!!! Raaaaaaaaaaar!!!!!
    Most of the people in india (not you and me) think that it shouldnt be legal. So its their will.
    They do have a proper justification i guess.

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    i'd say Yes and No both! but im more inclined towards "No"

    Why Yes:If something becomes stops people from craving to eat the forbidden fruit. So letting people eat the fruit i think it will make the environment in India more the sense no rape n eve teasing or the likes! creepy despos prying on gals!

    Why No: indian values system. its like playing with ethics of people and legalizing corruption. High Vulnerability of diseases and then u cant keep tab on ur young ones..y demoralise n debauche them?
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    Ok I think this thread is worthy of my input(read mods beware of my dirty dirty mouth!!!)
    $ex is not bad....$ex is natural.....if god didnt want us to have $ex he wont have given us a pen!$ and a v@g!n@.....give him some credit becoz he's smart.
    $exu@l urges are normal.....everyone has them....research shows little babies have them....society dictates whether these are moral or not. F#$% society......if we let the society control everything we'll be nothing but puppets to the moral-dictator's whims.
    Prostitution is a sensitive subject....let me tell you this right now.....prostitution is NOT is something that has been done for ages. Think about it.....if a waiter serves you food it isn't bad....but if a prostitute is to offer you his/her body then OOOHH MMYYYY GOOODD!!!!
    It is a service, a profession....and like most other professions should get some acknowledgement. I know legalizing it isn't going to make it seem any better.....middle-class girls are not looking at a viable career option....I dont say it is the most good of professions.....unfortunately it is a necessary one. $ex drives need to be fulfilled as much as your stomach needs to be fed. Many kings of the old has courtesans.....WHICH THEIR QUEENS KNEW ABOUT!!!! These courtesans were there to satisfy urges......the queen was happy with them because she knew she doesn't have to keep doing it all the time!!!! Plus she ruled supreme over everyone because her child was the successor.
    Legalizing anything reduces its adrenaline-value.....ask any high-school kid why he/she smokes/drinks.....the biggest factor is the rush that they get out of doing the illegal deed. Once made legal....these activities will probably reduce......coz the teenagers have no need to hide what they do.
    Same applies for prostitution......the prohibited part is whats most appealing.....the "what if I get caught" factor.
    Hence I think prostitution should be legalized......although I do think $ex-workers should be tested for STDs regularly.
    So, so you think you can tell......

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    acorn guts
    i'll go with jekyll and vini ..
    jekyll: .. if they legalise it ... then they would have control over it ..
    yes exactly! .. if something is legal then goverment can control it .. bring in legislation and rules .. govern the red light districts .. the hookers and pimps would know their limits and for once they wont be the king of the jungle ..
    as for the prosies themselves .. they would have rights!!! this si very important .. they are humans as well .. they dont sell themselves for fun! .. they haev their own reasons .. adn they do deserve some amount of respect .. legalising will ensure that they get what they deserve ...

    vini: indian values system. its like playing with ethics of people and legalizing corruption. High Vulnerability of diseases

    yes i agree .. .. the values play an imoportant role .. and this prostitution buisness is considered number one way of spreading STD's ...

    another point is .. that if it is made legal ..wouldnt it encourage many more men/women to get into this buisness?.
    it is legal .. would you?
    .. umm ...

    well as part time?
    .. errr ...

    you will be protected under goverment rules and regulations .. it will be clean and no mess guaranteed?
    ... err .. YES i will ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by vivo_b
    Legalizing anything reduces its adrenaline-value.....ask any high-school kid why he/she smokes/drinks.....the biggest factor is the rush that they get out of doing the illegal deed. Once made legal....these activities will probably reduce......coz the teenagers have no need to hide what they do.
    i had the same idea but couldnt put it into words .. (it would have taken me ages to explain this ..)
    well done vivo

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    All's said n done i guess, I go with makin it legalised, n openin govt. prostitution center's. Wow, cool it would be,... Govt. of India Prostitution Centre, wont we be proud of it? Am sure many ppl round here would be. Hmm,.. even better,... keep a log of dudes/dudette's comin in there, n send a monthly bill to their home. Just for the convinience sake
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    then we will have a minister of prostitution and *** business in india??if legalised??

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    disgusting thread
    i think i should get outta here

    too small =(

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    I really couldnt care less. Even though it's illegal, it has been and is going on rampantly throughout the country. Legalizing it wouldnt be much of an improvement, it would only flame things up further.
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