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    Talking know to read the meter????

    jus thought of this,so pasted.....

    How many of u know to read the taxi and auto meters???????

    i never get a clue how it is found...any driver in here..esp frm INDIA
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    i n taxi both in mumbai!

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    Oye Hello!! you need not be a driver to know how to read the meter!!
    um....rocking devil could tell you how to read

    the fare varies from place to place..i wouldnt know Mumbai fares

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    In Mumbai.. its 13rs minimum...which is for initial 1.6kms...
    I like Bus service in Mumbai... cheap and on time!
    And who can forget the lifeline of Mumbai....the Locals! Tats the best thing!

    In Pune..its worst... Minimum for rickshaw is 9rs...or sometimes someone charges 13rs..
    PMT Bus service sucks... as bus dont come on stipulated time....
    All in transportation chaos... and total flood of various 2-wheelers smoking out loads n loads of smoke!

    xcttn Ld t Сntmnt

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    @ abhi - dude,, if you are travellng by tacis please get a taxi meter rate card from one of them, coz the rate sys of taxis are diff and u might think they are cheating you!
    @ autorickshaws - how much ever meter, woh - 1!

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    Aug 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by abhimanjrekar
    How many of u know to read the taxi and auto meters???????
    well....i am supposed to ..aint i???

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    Aug 2005

    dont tell me u dont know how to read a meter ... duh!
    u just see the numbers coming on the meter ... that s it ... again a big DUH!

    and regarding the money charged ... well there is a diff formula at diff places ...
    like in delhi the meter used to show the distance in KM ...and u need to multiply it by 2.5 and then add 6 to it ... but this was 6-7 years back ... right now i dunno ...

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    in delhi right now, the meter says exactly wat u have to pay...

    no calculations required!



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