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    lord_neo Guest

    Lightbulb KGB's secret UFO files are made public

    KGB's secret UFO files are made public

    Files comprising the famous Blue Folder have been declassified a while ago. The prominent Soviet cosmonaut Pavel Popovich got the folder from the KGB in 1991. These days Mr. Popovich holds the position of honorary president of the Academy of Informational and Applied Ufology. The folder contains numerous descriptions of UFO flights and reports on some (mostly failed) attempts taken by the military in order to catch the aliens.

    Aliens acknowledged back in 1968

    In 1968, 13 leading aircraft designers and engineers of a brand-new aircraft section of the Soviet Committee on Space Technology and Exploration forwarded a letter to the Soviet Prime Minister Alexei Kosygin. Actually, it was a request to set up a special organization for the study of UFOs. A reply to the letter was signed by Academician Shchukin. It is an amazing document per se:

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    abu dhabi
    hmmmmmmmm koool,.....interestin
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    i read the article.
    the last line in particular . 'At least no case of an attack by UFO against man was found in the folder'.

    if mankind were given a similar chance to get advanced and visit other planets inhabitted with life. how would we behave . terminator 1, terminator 2 or terminator 3. lol.

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    wow....didnt know this
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    interesting info..
    I was in KGB, "they" didnt tell me about UFO's then

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