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Thread: Kerela mother..

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    Kerala is in the top 50 tourist spots of the world they say.

    Anyway I'd say Goa.

    Nude beaches rawk. It's a dreamland.

    If at all you decide to go, don't spend a more than a few hours on Bagha and Calingut together. They're like India and China of the world in terms of population.

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    Baga, 6-7 years ago, was probably the place to be. Now it's lined with jewelery shops and not to mention lit like a marriage hall. Tito's was so damn dark and dingy and just the place to go to ge fcked. Now it's a club/disco/whatever kids are calling it these days. Mambo's didn't charge entry. Raves could be heard miles away. Just drive till the noise gets louder. Baga's fvked.

    I prefer going to the south of Goa now.


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