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Thread: KBC cricket

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    Talking KBC cricket

    A terrific take on KBC with our cricketers.....this is gr8....all those who voted ganguly incident as WTF award winner will love this...

    sorry if this is already on cc....wasnt around for a long time...
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    i read it and it sucks

    reeks of regionalism, narrowmindedness, rasam and dravidian supremacism (check out the author's name).

    i am not surprised. i met a lot of bangabore/idlypuram types one of whom had even said (and i quote) "if akram can be the captain then why cant srinath??"

    so there you have it. srinath = akram !!
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    Raaaaaar!!! Raaaaaaaaaaar!!!!!
    ^^ Those kind of people are everywhere. And i fdont get one thing (sorry to be a bit offtopic here): Why is "regional supremacy" and racism wrong when nationalism is considered good? Nationalism is the same thing just on a different level... (ps: I'm trying to seek clarity, now dont bang me)



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