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    Quote Originally Posted by thehundredthone
    If 'you' is me in your post

    a) Do u also realize most animals have a tail. That means u need a tail to kill and rape. Animals kill with gun too.
    Yes even fight/competition to impress and attain opposite *** is instinctive in males including human. Most killings are based on wealth and woman issue. Things that can badly hurt male ego.

    b) u r saying Gupta period wasn't good enough? ok think so. People are never fully safe in any system or country. I said systems fail. India is prospering? lol where? Olympics? Prosperity means rich people and wine? lol I think bollywood is.

    c) Pundits raped? naturally. Why record that. what for? But raping facts are mentioned in Kama Sutra not ignored

    d) Yes 2000 years is good time for moral values to go up or down. not for instincts to change. nuclear weapons are made cos morality goes high?

    Nuclear power was known to ancient indian gurus. Computing yes (they used brain as computer not computer as brain) u think Hanuman went by boat to lanka? or Ravan used to swim acorss every time? [ ] Susrutha (6th century BC)) was surgeon (

    e) women are horny everywhere to men. black women are horny to black men. not just whites are horny. Instincts are more or less same west or east. cultures are different. why does tourism dept give guidelines to foriegn tourists not to do public kissing, nude bathing etc. It doesn't mean indians don't kiss or we bath with clothes on. rules are different but instincts similar.
    Trying to dominate is natural atleast of males, nothing wrong.

    yes young animals hump females as soon as they are biologically ready. they don't have to wait marry be on honeymoon. just as the senses and organs start to work they are ready and try.

    Male animals dominate females yes.
    Animals and human dominate plants yes

    ok thinking

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    Quote Originally Posted by alpha1

    BJR: Do you know there is a saying in hindi: Bhaens (=buffalow) ke aage been (=some reed/flute sorta instrument) bajana
    offtopic: what does it mean? Bandbaaja played Buffalo Soldier? excuse me am not hindi speaking

    now playing.. bah'fella soldier dreadlock Rasta

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    ^^ its a proverb - playing a harp to a buffalo. look it up

    a) why do you say that tails have anything to do with rape? are we now going to bring in all vestigeal organs including 4 stomachs, a working appendix, etc? i'm simply countering your blanket animal=human

    b) the outwardly appearance of society or as recorded in history has nothing to do with the violation of women

    c) not ignored by who? who all have read the kama sutra and apply it to life? you think people 2000 years ago followed it? vatsayayana or whoever he was mentions 3 types of men - those with 3 inch penises, those with 4 inch ones and those with 6 inch ones. i'm thinking those who fall outside these boundaries then should 'ignore' the kama sutra right?

    d) forcing yourself on someone is not an instinct. did you read what I wrote about young male animals?
    the space age and moral values have nothing to do with each other. I'm merely using the word evolve the way you are. You think monkey men wearing crowns and carrying maces and swallowing the sun were also following the kama sutra? don't bring in irrelevant arguments.

    e) men are horny everywhere. just because you and a few other people like to think women are always horny doesn't make it so.
    nude bathing? wtf? the tourism department probably warns against public exposure. there's nothing stopping the new generations of voyeurs who can watch you anywhere and any time.

    young animals don't "try". they wait until they are strong enough to keep other males away. they wait till the female gives off pheromones which communicate that she is ready. just because animals don't talk doesn't mean that the concept of consent, however primitive, doesn't exist. animals don't ***ually force themselves on each other.

    males and physically stronger than females? maybe that's why female elephants lead the herd. that's why the black widow eats it's mate. that's why the praying mantis bites the head of the male before copulation can start. maybe that's why females can give birth and live through the pain, and actually do it again

    humans dominate plants. right. so we grow forests and conserve them as a way of showing power right? we require them for food oxygen etc just to pluck the fruit, breathe the air and say "look at me, I'm dominating you"

    are you really?

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    Lolz fag!



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