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    preezer369 is offline Guitarist
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    Oct 2003

    Smile Just Wondering????

    i've only been playing the guitar for 2 months and i was wondering if there is any software (that i can download) that can teach me how to play the guitar (notes and chords), not tabs because i already kno how to play tabbed songs (i've even tabbed some songs myself)...thanks...pleez reply..

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    Not that I'm aware of. It'd be best for you to buy some books or instructional videos, or better... find a teacher.
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    preezer369 is offline Guitarist
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    Oct 2003

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    alli is offline The Best Ever
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    go to

    and go to the "learning tracks" ....down on the page..and then click on that and then click on the "beginner guitar".... and then ur page will open....

    and voila!.... u got a page full of all the chords u need...and u can listen to them... kinda electric but will do...and lotsa other practice stuff..its nice..

    me learnt from there..and its not bad at all..

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