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Thread: Jal!!!

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    Jan 2004
    hey i liked aadat and dil haarey,
    but the aadat song is breaking ,
    but by making it buffer every 30 sec's i got to see the video completely

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    Jun 2004

    Lightbulb Download JAL Songs free

    First thing never think that Pakis are your enemy, leave it to Govts. I am Pakistani and fan of Jal. and here I just saw your disscussion about jal's music.
    Yup they are most different and popular in Pak even without single album.
    on My Website [snip] You can download their songs
    Aadat- Jal was their first song, which give them a lot of fame, After that the main singer atif was out, Now farhan is lead singer
    Dil haray..... Jal again a good effort
    Woh lamhay....... After aadat its my favorite...very good song
    Hope it helps u to find good artist in this region.


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    lord_neo Guest
    Vidi, links to mp3 sites are i had to take it off.

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    Jun 2004

    well again jal songs

    Dear admin you shuld at least check the privacy rules of website before removing links. It was not mp3 downloading website,its wma format streaming website, and JAL the band has given every website the rights to publish their songs, thats how they are originated, thats why they are popular. I am posting these website links who give the right full jal songs with copyrights and are not mp3 sites.
    And if I need any kind of permissions please inform me.


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