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    IGT's Best guitarist and best singer?

    Afterall we all are here to learn this art+skill of and singing largely............n there are quite a lot of ppl here doing covers including me......... thought it would be exciting to know eachother's opinion about the members who are best guitarist and singers in IGT

    for me:

    itwasnoteasy - Best guitarist
    I dont know his name though, but his recordings are gr8........keeps things simple technically (as in sound effects) but really skilled guitarist........... the best thing i like about his guitaring is his strumming.......... n to be honest when i try to learn a new strummin pattern i listen to his recordings and try to make out something of it ............ all the best bro for ur future efforts

    Guptas85 - Best Singer
    Not many recordings..........but i think he sings in the right feel and tries to sing within his limits........n mind u his skills aint limited ...........naturally he's gifted with a nice voice..........and above that he has gained the skills of reachin different scales beautifully!

    It would be gr8 if both of them together come up with a cover or original

    What do u reckon guys?
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    no IDs bout the best guitarist
    best vox wud probly be Crtyptic or Fatima

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    Raaaaaar!!! Raaaaaaaaaaar!!!!!
    I'd say dharmatma is the best guitarist. No joking or ranting. He was the best guitarist and the most useful person here IMO. (see Pizza Toppings)
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    ^^ second to it...and voice in female its cryptu and male its notty for me..
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    bandbaaja is an awesome guitarist...
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    Depends on genre, the BEST guitarist in this website, was, is and will be, Mamasteen, his technical brilliance is unsurpassed. A member that's no longer seen is Rajdeep, he was amazing as well. Next comes Jared(dharmatma) and Mr. Scary, both of 'em very very good as well. For hindi songs, it would be Aziz(Desipride143). Essi and jayanth were really good too. There's just too many man, Bandbaaja, jayswami, Ananth(Carnatic guitarist extraordinaire), i just cant think right now. Most of the above mentioned names are gone, but their legacy of brilliance lives on. I have yet to see people as good as them.
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    i ask every body that wuld it b correct 2 judge keepin the fact in mind that we havent listened 2 everybdy on this site

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    i think knight_guitar is on his way to be listed here sometime...

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    my favs..

    bandbaaja.. shak.. notty_lad.. dharmatma..

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    For me , best vocal n guitar skills goes to ex member Jayswami . He rocks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seelan
    For me , best vocal n guitar skills goes to ex member Jayswami . He rocks!
    i havent heard any of his recordings bu this costom title read vocally challenged

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    best female voice: Fatima
    best male singer: soul doubt's lead singer..forgot his name. i like har***'s voice as well..hmm who else? notty_lad & anstrangelover also have a voice with potential

    Guitarist: dharmatma,bandbaaja
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    This had the potential to be a mutual back-scratching thread but a lot of people are giving honest opinions so I'll give mine as well:

    Jayswami is a pretty awesome musician overall....more than his guitaring, I like his over musicianship and think he's a notch above most people here.

    Mamasteen is a really cool guitarist. Perhaps I'm not too fond of the style and often miss the beauty of some of what I hear.

    Dharmatma in recent times seems to have improved a lot beyond what I remember...His style has me picturing an unpolished Gary Moore with some of his melodies which is why he makes my list. Melodically, I really liked his playing.

    Voicewise...I don't anyone on IGT are tremendously least from the recordings I've heard(which, I admit, are not a lot). I love Fatima's recordings but still she wouldn't make my list if not for the lack of people to nominate. Another person that way is anstrangelover.
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    shifted from paradise city to Axe Land:D
    everyone is sooo different
    one sings hindi the other english
    someone sings and plays rock others classical

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    acousticdreamer is the best


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