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Thread: The IGT Awards

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    Quote Originally Posted by beginner_lavina
    and ppl actually wanna meet me
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    Quote Originally Posted by beginner_lavina
    Nicest IGTians : bobby

    Most unfriendly IGTians : dharmatma :P

    Coolest Newbie(who's started posting recently...not Vini) : d logic

    Smartest IGTians : zoom,bobby

    Dumbest IGTians : no1

    Funniest IGTians : akky

    IGTians who tries too hard to be funny but is really not : every1 at times

    Best thread makers : neo,

    Worst thread makers : me!

    biggest spammers : ssslayer

    IGTians you'd like to meet/have met: zoom,bobby,jay,sonali

    IGTians who deserves to die a slow painful death : i wudnt wana take the name here

    Most talented IGTians : i think zoom?

    Most helpful IGTians : zoom agn

    IGTians whose musical taste you like : hu cares?
    spammer kisse bola ???
    haan ...
    khopdi mein yeh chhe (6) ki chhe goliyan dall dene ka ... kya ... ghode ka trigger dabate hi ...


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