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    I-Rock XX : Will You BE THERE???

    Hey all,
    As you should be knowing, I-Rock XX is finally happening on the 1st & 2nd of October, 2005 at the Chitrakoot Grounds, near Fame Adlabs.. (basically the parking lot for Fame)

    1st Day = Competing to win I-Rock are HFC, Sledge, Joint Family, Vertigo and Prestorika; followed by lots of various performances and headlining are Vayu and Zero.

    2nd Day = A trip through the history of Indian Rock... expect old and the new in a mix...

    If you have your old passes (for the cancelled event), I think you can enter on them... That's what I'm doing, atleast...

    As Farhad Wadia's letter says, this may be the final I-Rock... so BE THERE... MAKE IT A BIG ONE!

    I'll be there on the first day... ne1 interested in meeting up, temme...
    If the Hair ain't Long, then something is Wrong

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    1,543 there for both days.....i have fcukin 2 xtra tickets n cds!....will sell it to some beggar there! interested in meeting up.....i need some one there who can guide me back home....i hardly roam around in andheri....xept for dn nagar!



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