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    hahah, he hates playing clean. Erik Rutan is his hero :p
    Who's this bass playing son of a *****?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob-bobby
    not really agree with you , the child as you said wont have that much maturity to know his likes and dislikes but sure if something like music or sports or any activities pushed on him which is surely for his benefit can help him in exploration of that field ..

    child abuse in this situation is not the correct word i suppose ....
    agree 1000000000000000000000000 % with u. reps 4 ya
    feel strongly tht way.
    if parents don push their childrn (who havnt matured enough 2 decide on their likes/dislikes) in2 such xtracurricular activities they r 2 blame thmselves ...
    sry off-topic.
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    8 years is supposed to be an ideal age to begin learning any musical instrument.
    You do get baby guitars which an 8 year old can wield.

    But in my personal views, I agree in USING the keyboard for making a person understand basic music theory.
    The linear formation of notes and clear indication of sharps really helps.
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    i dunno much....but if he has the aptitude for it..teach him man......
    @scary and dist....ditto
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    Age doesn't matter in such things, What matter's is the Curosity, Interest and Intelligence of that person or even child.
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    At his age, the dude's attitude or rather mind-set is such that, he'll lap up anything that's taught to him properly, and if the teacher is good and can create an interest for learning in him, then like dude, he'll be damn good. At this stage it is upto to the parents and the teacher to create a sense of confidence and a thirst to learn in him.
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