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    Malaysia.......Truly asia......but i am indian
    did u rite valuable for fun, cuz i found it funny, y'know tuition. i know i'm lame no need ta point it out. but jez so u know i pay around 90Rm a month, that's equivelent to about 1080Rs
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    I didnt pay anything for It.. aAint that funny??
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    Go for a tutor. I had the luxury of guitarist room mates. But, a basic class would help you to sail through the first 3-4 months .. which is the hardest to hold on. And again, joining a class would help you pick up faster .. u ll save time More importantly, you ll get it right the first time.

    In Hyderabad, 1000/- per month for 3 days(1 hour each session) a week. Worth it I would say.

    Hope this helps. Cheers.

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    I took classes in a small music institute in Bangalore. They are charging Rs. 700 per month, It was 4 hours class on weekend. But after 2-3 months I realized, one student only get around 5 minutes with the teacher in that 4 hours. I think spending time on right practicing is more important then taking class. And when I say right practice, I mean in the right direction because you can spend several number of hours playing guitar ...but if it i is not done in the right direction.. it does you more damage .. Because at the end you become frustrated due to not able to play properly. I found lessons available on Youtube are very useful if you are a newbie ... But if you are at advanced level then finding a right teacher would be the best option.



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