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    In my Dreams.
    @ AkkY:
    Knowing the right ppl has nothing to do with it. A guy or girl can be nice but with no morals..

    i dont know where u r going with this:

    "U just need to know enuff good ppl to get in touch with them."

    what does that have to do with anything? What does living in India have to do with anything either?
    anshphenomenon: so let's get married..and let's ping!
    petunia: ..and have little PING PONGS!! lmfao..
    anshphenomenon: beti ping
    anshphenomenon: beta pong

    (`'.(`'. .') .')

    "I had not achieved success; but i had provoked an uproar; and the sensation that followed was so agreeable that I resolved to try again."..George Bernard Shaw. <3

    (`'.(`'. .') .')

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    Quote Originally Posted by Petunia
    I dont know me it sounds like such a social statement...OOOOH LOOK AT MEEEEE....I HAD TWENTY...AND IM SCREWING THREE A WEEK! (guys im not!!..but its a statement to put out there!) i mean...the whole concept of having a special someone in your life is its become a matter of competition <snip>
    Well, it's just a matter of choice, if you prefer serious relationships, then so be it. You don't have to agree with the ideology of casual relationships, but you should just accept it as someone elses choice (like choice of ice cream ).

    Personally, I've been in many relationships where I got burned and it messed up everything else that was going on around me (studies, friends, etc.), so I don't think it's worth it to have a serious relationship just now. This way the relationship doesn't take all your time, you have fun and you can pay more attention to growing up first.

    You have plenty of time to be serious with someone when you're looking to get married, the advantage of the casual ones is that you get to learn a lot from them, so you can deal with the problems of relationships better.
    Homer: No beer and no TV make Homer go something, something.
    Marge: Go crazy?
    Homer: Don't mind if I do...

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    jerzee USA niggaA!
    never bin in a realtionship so far.. but hangin out wit guys is immense

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    bfs = 0(I'm pretty sure)

    gfs = 1(Only so far.. But broke up.. LOL.. )


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