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View Poll Results: Hip Hop or Hard Rock

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  • Hard Rock/Classic Rock

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    Aug 2009

    Hip Hop or Hard Rock

    The new age has come of with hip hop music (no offense) and many follow this trend.. I am a classic rock fan who I believe rendered music for centuries to come. So I am here bored to know the poll and would be happy eitherways who wins.

    Hip Hop or Hard Rock Music
    Rejoy George

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    maama's heart!!........
    absolutely classic rock man....they are timeless classics.its like a vintage wine!!...whereas hip hop originated only in late 80's i believe......they sound/talk/rap the same shit except for one white boy who made a difference by callin/rappin bout wat a whore his mutha n wifey(kim) are!!! n guess wat?the whole world crownd him the PRINCE OF HIPHOP!!....guess most of my homies here know wo dat punk kid is!!....even i was huge in2 hiphop/rappin myself!!......but now i just mumble!!...i guess sumthin like RATM N LB minus da shitty linkin park shud still xist!!...hard hail ROCK!!....***,drugs/booze,ROCK n ROLL foreva!!........



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