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Thread: Help Needed!!!

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    You no wht..wait..dont answer that. Poor Hira will never get her answer if we keep this up; sorry gurl!!
    anshphenomenon: so let's get married..and let's ping!
    petunia: ..and have little PING PONGS!! lmfao..
    anshphenomenon: beti ping
    anshphenomenon: beta pong

    (`'.(`'. .') .')

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    another idea in addition 2 shak's.... u can write about color blindness too... how it affects ur daily life n stuff...

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    How about writing al ittle about black>>

    mix all colors get black
    black has a tinge of red>

    and also why not aparthied??discrimination against colored people>>>
    like someone abo^^^^ve said>
    >>>>>>>>NEVER GONNA STEAL POINTS,<<<<<<<
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>REP ME PLEASE!!<<<<<<<<<<<<

    u think life's a *****......................................and
    then u meet me.

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    WOW!!!!!! firstly for all the help... and secondly i am HAPPY that some of the ideas and PRETTY MUCH LIKE MINE!!!!!! i mean like har1s said about colour blindness..... i thought about that and then i thought i could even rite about a persion who is completely blind and does not have ANY IDEA about colours and all..... and even as shak said about how we humans react to colours how white is a sign of peace... red for love or even DANGER, black for grimness and on and on! so...... i guess i have a LOT OF IDEAS NOW..... btw DOC. i reallllllyyyyyy liked the idea about the colour creed and all....... actually i liked ALL THE IDEAS!!! thanks a LOT U GUYS......... u guys made my work a LOT EASIER!!!!!! plzzzz do post more ideas if u can come up with them! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!
    .: is it just |\/|E ... or is it the \/\/0rLD? :.

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    glad i could help...
    if u need help on color blindness....i can give u interviews.... i realised just 4 yrs back that am color blind
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    ^ wow.... then i guess u would be the best person to ask about colour blindness... i'll surely keep that in mind... it might sound weird... but just feel like saying "i am glad u r colourblind" it might help me! no offence dr. hehe.... just kidding......
    .: is it just |\/|E ... or is it the \/\/0rLD? :.


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