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Thread: Help!!

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    Exclamation Help!!

    I need to do my uni assignment but to do that i need to get two more examples of english songs. I'd put it in the English section but I thought more people would visit the lounge :D

    All i want are songs that are made up of the following chords (can be verse only or chorus only)

    A song that uses the chord A minor as well as some of the following chords in its sequence
    E minor/G major/D major/A major

    And a second song that uses the chord E major as well as some of these chords in its sequence
    E minor/G major/D major/A major/A minor/C major

    also i do not want songs that require chords outside of the ones listed below if thats possible :D.

    i cant think of any song that has an A minor and E major with those chord combinations but there must be a song that exists and i'm asking you guys and gals to tell me if you know of any

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    everything i do

    hey dudde.

    this song of ustad bryan adam goes in d then a then g and so on...

    the song is everything i do,, i kinda do it for you

    that has a probability of .32 to help you out.

    okie dokie?
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    Re: everything i do

    Originally posted by Ranjha
    this song of ustad bryan adam goes in d then a then g and so on...

    the song is everything i do,, i kinda do it for you
    I always thought this song is in C# and goes like C#, G# and F#...

    Talking of Bryan Adams, and given you do like his work, try On A Day Like Today (Am, G, C, Em, D), I'm Ready (G, Em, F, Am, D, C), Back to You (C, Am, G, F, E, Em): don't mind the 'F' - it's inevitable in the C major key, and Bryan has used this key in a lot many songs.

    If I'm not going too far, you may also try Two Steps Behind by Def Leppard (A, D, G, E, F#m) and Tequila Sunrise by the Eagles (G, D, Am D7, Em, C) - these are all some famous acoustic numbers.

    Hope this helps!

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    it does up to a point, i have to make a interactive learning system so iv got the chord lessons where the person learns them one by one so i have the order (and songs)

    Gmajor (Nirvana - About A Girl/Em G)
    Dmajor (REM - Everybody Hurts/D G)
    Amajor (Beatles - Twist And Shout/D G A)
    Aminor (Bryan Adams - On a Day Like Today[thanks prash!])
    Cmajor (Metallica - Nothing Else Matters)
    Emajor (???)

    so you see since the software is aimed at a complete beginner i cant introduce the F major chord since it is one of the most difficult chords to play when you start to play the guitar. It took me two months before i could consistently hit that chord good. I'll switch the A minor and C major slides so that means that the Bryan Adams song can work prash thank you

    now i need just a song for E major, the only one i know is Wicked Game by Chris Isaak but then thats got a B minor in it :(

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    And don't forget John Denver - Leaving On A Jetplane.... REM - Man on The Moon.... John Denver - Annie's Song... Friends Theme - I'll Be There For You...
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    ok thanks for all the help people, btw you can close this thread if you want, coz i finished \:D/

    A song with E major with all those chords was The Troggs "Wild Thing". A major, D major followed by E major.

    Thanks for everything guys!

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    ustad bryan adam
    LOL, hey ranjha , u made bryan adams your ustaad .
    kamal hai yaar .
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