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    Talking Happy Birthday Sonia !!

    Congratulate Sonia for turning 60 yesterday.

    After all the whole nation celebrated her birthday, with flowers, garlands, sweets and birthday cake.

    Some politicians even touched her feet, seeking her blessings and a promotion in the Congress party heirarchy.

    Common workers did a "puja" in her honour and asked "dua"-s from the almighty to ensure that saint sonia would continue to rule india, at least till Rahul is ready.

    Some even went so far as to call her a Godess, Ma Sonia.

    So why should we be left behind?? We should ongratulate her too. Here goes -

    Happy birthday Sonia - 60 kicks on your bum !!
    "Take my hand, my child of love
    Come step inside my tears
    Swim the magic ocean,
    I've been crying all these years"

    "I liked the world where i used to live
    I never really wanted to live"

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamhead

    Happy birthday Sonia - 60 kicks on your bum !!

    Make that italian

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