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    Quote Originally Posted by zoomingrocket
    Hello Everyone...

    As i wish IGT its 3rd birthday... i would like to thank all IGTians...,"the family" as i term it...for participating & making this community a place which has captured many people's heart...

    For few...its a guitar community site,
    For few...its a free forum where they can interact with others,
    For few...its a spamming ground ,
    For few...its a place to get connected with people back home,
    and yeah...for few...its best place to argue with mods & admin ....

    Though it has tried to serve different flavours & would always try to move one step ahead from its standings...
    We have always tried to be different from others... & together we all are responsible for making IGT a big success!

    I would once again like to wish IGT a very Happy Birthday & a hearty thanks to all our members!

    A special note to "Neo"... <<<YOU ROCK>>>
    Without 'you'...this place wouldnt have come up... Thank you so much...

    And wishing everyone a Happy Independence Day!


    Do i hav 2 say nethin bout it??

    HAPPPPPPYYY BIRTHDAY IGT!!!!! U ROCK!! - Home for Gadget Reviews

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    Happy Budday to IGT.

    Eh, with so much hard-rocking going on, I wonder if I can control my ejaculation any further.
    You donít get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

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    Yeah, Happy Birthday IGT...Rock on


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