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View Poll Results: Hairstyle: MS DHONI Vs JOHN ABRAHIM

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  • ms dhoni

    3 42.86%
  • john abrahim

    4 57.14%
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    scorpio_bharat's Avatar
    scorpio_bharat is offline Ending The Start
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    Sep 2005
    i said sorry .. and no sarcasm wat so ever ... i'll try to learn from u pros ... iam new out here ... just 50 posts .....

    and @ alpha1 ... u made me laugh dude .... !!
    ...Be A rOck... & nEVeR roLL .....

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    Dec 2005

    There are few rules of online/internet forums you should understand:
    1. Thou shalt be arrogant
    2. Thou shalt not bow down to thy enemies (= other posters)
    3. Thou shalt ridicule anything possible. (Even my writing thou/thy/thee etc)
    4. Thou shalt never ever get emo / take things seriously/personally
    5. Flaming shall never by thy intention, but it takes its own course over course of few posts
    6. Thou shalt use the SEARCH button first afore creating a thread.
    You donít get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.


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