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    New Delhi

    Guitar Teacher in West Delhi

    Hi guys!
    I'm new to guitar playing and am looking for a guitar teacher in west delhi, someone comfortable teaching rock and metal.

    I also need some tips on how to improve my playing speed.

    Looking forward to all your valuable feedbacks.

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    playing speed comes later when you familiar with basics of guitar.. rock techniks.. scales, solos etc..

    in case you need classes which beginners require usually, u can contact me :

    Learn to play guitar (Bass, rythm & lead). beginner to advanced level.. acoustic/electric..
    Guitar techniques, rhythm, lead (soloing), bass, blues, acoustic/electric

    Avail the benefit of flexible schedules, fast paced learning.. once a week lesson good enough to practice whole week...
    no advance fees..classes at your place... pay per session.

    don't worry if u haven't got a guitar.. u will get assistance in buying the best one 4 u..
    [Classes provided in Delhi/NCR]

    Ph: 9873793090



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