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    balu_gani is offline Newbie
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    Oct 2009

    Guitar from Canada to India

    Hi, i am travelling from Canada to Bangalore. I purchased an accoustic guitar in Canada. Can i carry this guitar as a cabin/hand lagguage on flights from Canada to India?
    Please let me know if any one of you have carried guitar on flights from Canada to India.


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    horsesmouth's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    u can carry anything as luggage.....xcept bombs
    just make sure u dont get it damaged, wrap it well, twice, thrice.....
    evn foreign airport staff are notorious for handling luggage

    and no, u cant carry it as hand luggage, simply cuz it wont fit in the overhead slot/cupboard wateva....
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    Jun 2010
    Yes you definitely can. Make sure it is within the flight package size restrictions. You don't want to have a problem in the last hour of boarding, trust me.



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