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    Quote Originally Posted by fictional_real
    @sanjay...ya, dude, it sounds filmi. even the most deep romantic life of ours something is totally filmi. so, it no big surprise dat even ghostly incidence sounds filmi.

    this wont filmi to u...i think

    in our quaters....there r totaly 15 A1 TO A7...then C1 TO C8.the A3 building is the last one...where usually ppl dont gather and is like lonely place. it has been noticed by years...dat on 1 am at nite, the life of dat building goes to the top floor and comes down to ground floor and then goes up to the top floor again.
    no one cud understand why it is going to the top floor and then coming to the ground wid no one in it, if someone was in it its quite logical and no one even frm ground floor beckoned dat lift then how does it comes automatically down?

    hey fictional, may be the liftman was bored!

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    Dec 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by tejas
    ^^ Whats that supposed to be?? Looks like giant nostrils to me!!!
    that was really witty Tejas

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    Jul 2004
    @disturbed yeah was really shocked n scared when first saw that pic actually i was looking for uni n opened one window for IGT also n suddenly saw that however slept very well esp i watched my team play tonite on tv alone in the dark upstairs till 4 am
    only the first one hr after seeing that pic was scary
    tejas u should warn those with a weak or heart patients that this page is risky for them
    @dis u r going to sit for SAT well good luck will l have mine maybe in the middle of this yr got to look for appointment with US embassy n so on.

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    vivekthakur is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2003
    New Delhi
    If might be interested in Cheshire Cat principle and red queen phenomenon, and space bending which i have been quiet closely follwoing up in my quest for ghosts n dream healing...


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