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I am sure all of us have had our share of good and bad freinds.
Some who bring happiness while some try and steal that away....
some who win our trust and some... who just kick it off...

I remember my grandma telling me that freindship is like a special blessing from above. It is like sharing your life or moments of your life with special people... people you love... you trust. It is the bringing out of beautiful things in eachother that no one else looked hard to find. Its the mutual trust and honesty that lets us be ourselves all the time.

Here is something i wrote.... about freinds!! Its quite amateurish... i wrote it like while i was in XII .... so ignore the rawness....

Freinds are an important need of our life
who often betray and cut with knife
But still you and I need them
Though some are good and turn out to be a gem
Some are behind long dark curtains
And secretly think of us as burdens
If you do them a good turn
In their attitude they will still be firm

Whereas if you have freinds as good as gold
You will see they wont let your happiness be sold
to the merchants who deal with sorrows and happiness
they are bound to help you and show their goodness

With such freinds people are happy and gay
But what to do with freinds who only know how to BETRAY??

wow what a beautiful poem....this poem belongs to the poem forum isnt it?....anyway hello knight ki bibi ......it sounds too cooll (bibi)